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A Step-by-step Guide to Design Your New Kitchen

A Step-by-step Guide to Design Your New Kitchen

Planning to design your own Kitchen?

Here are the most important points to consider:

1- Start with the architectural plan

Evaluate existing kitchen conditions and review influencing elements such as doors and windows that will affect the kitchen arrangement. Also, how the house is used in general and how the kitchen relates to the adjacent rooms such as the warehouse and dining rooms.

2- Determine how you use it

As you work on the initial plan, learn about the kitchen area and how you would deal with it.
Do you use the stove more or the oven?
Do you need a separate space for activities like juice or baking?
What is your home morning routine?

3- Practical distribution of kitchen items

(Sink, stove and refrigerator)
These elements are first distributed in proportion to their functional nature, it is advisable to place the sink close to the stove, separating them from the preparation space.
As for the refrigerator, it is far from them so that family members can reach it without having to approach the work area.

4- Containing chaos

Avoiding clutter in the kitchen can be done by several points

  • Designing the work area (sink and stove) so that it is far from the main corridor and doors.
  • Easy access to the waste bin (preferably under the sink).
  • Equip a corner in the kitchen far from the work area with everything that family members may need from the kitchen.

5- Lighting

It is always better to have an adequate source of natural light to replace artificial light during the day.
In the evening, directed lighting is preferred, and ceiling light is not sufficient.
It is also important to use the LED light strip beneath the upper cabinets to avoid the shadows that are burdensome to the eyes while using the preparation tables.

6- Count the ingredients in your kitchen

To make sure there are enough storage spaces, review what you need in your kitchen and make sure there are enough drawers and cupboards.
And if necessary, you can order specially designed wardrobes to suit your needs in a more organized and easy-to-reach way.

7-Select appliances

Before approving the final plan, it is important to purchase electrical appliances and ensure their dimensions are suitable for the dimensions of the cupboards in the kitchen.

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