The kitchen is the heart of a home, so its good design and high quality gives you the advantage in making use of this important aesthetic.

Whether your kitchen is small elegant or large luxurious, we in Granada offer you what you always need.

Granada offers you an integrated team of professional workers and creative designers in order to accompany you on a comfortable journey and a unique experience, starting from selection and design to post-installation to one of the most important and most beautiful corners of the house.

We believe in Granada that designing your kitchen in a practical way and aesthetic touches consistent, while taking advantage of every inch of your kitchen space, and matching all of that with the personality of your home, is one of the most beautiful equations of modern interior design to enjoy looking at it day after day

Whether you are looking for a modern, classic, or traditional kitchen design, aluminum kitchens from Granada will offer you a wide range of options that meet your desires, needs and requirements for your home to stay with you for long periods.

Your perfect kitchen in 5 steps

  • Find the branch closest to you

Among the 6 different locations, Granada offers you a set of aluminum kitchens that you will definitely like, just get an interview with your permanent advisor who will be there for you to follow you on your trip even after the completion of the installation

  • Get your appointment

To take your kitchen measurements by technical rules that take into account your desires and the requirements of your home

  • Personalize your kitchen design

Choose the ideal components that suit your requirements and with the help of your consultant, choose the best for you, from colors, surfaces, accessories, and even electrical appliances

  • We design and paint your kitchen for you

We provide our experts with all the capabilities that help them draw an ideal painting that reflects the confidence of your choice, and we work to employ lighting and colors to serve the beauty of the place

  • Choose the right fitting time for you

Our experts and technicians will provide all their skills to install your kitchen and ensure its safety, to keep you for many years with the same quality and beauty.