Signing a partnership with Alkhoyool Alarabia

We are pleased to announce a distinguished partnership with Alkhoyool Alarabia to provide high-quality products and services in their ongoing projects in the field of exceptional urban development.

This partnership is a part of the UPTOWN project, which offers customers the opportunity to have luxurious residences in a unique environment with integrated products of exceptional quality. Granada's diverse range of products has added quality and elegance by installing various types of aluminum profiles in multiple colors, such as:

  • The sliding profiles, which help optimize the room space utilization and provide flexibility in usage.
  • The hinge profiles, which are compatible with most architectural designs and offer a tight closure that ensures the best insulation against dust and sound.
  • The hinge doors and glass panels provide you with multiple options that suit the requirements of modern and flexible design.

Furthermore, Granada has used heat-treated glass that complies with the requirements of the new Saudi Building Code, sourced from Guardian, a renowned company known for its high quality.